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Imaging Cube

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Temperature Cube

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Pressure Cube

Millimeter-Scale Computing. Real-life smart dust.

The CubisensTM platform by CubeWorks enables the first truly autonomous wireless sensing platform measuring less than a millimeter. Cubisens systems are able to sense and process their environment, wirelessly transmit the results or store them for later usage. The versatility of the Cubisens platform allows multiple units to be combined together to tackle larger monitoring and sensing applications.

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Redefining Ultra-Low Power. Enabling perpetual computing.

CubeWorks' sensing systems average a record-setting 8 nW power draw in standby mode. Under indoor ambient light, our patented energy harvester generates 10 nW from 1 mm2 solar cell, facilitating perpetual lifetime of sensor operation.

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From the Internet of Things... to the Internet of Everything.

The small form factor, wireless capability, and long lifetime of Cubisens makes it an ideal platform for realizing ubiquitous computing. The first-generation systems are equipped with imaging, motion detection, temperature sensing, and pressure sensing. CubeWorks aims to expand the breadth of applications and position its Cubisens technology as pivotal for realizing the impending Internet of Everything.

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